Marfona potato seed is one of our fresh edible potatoes with shiny peel and light yellow flesh color. The number of tubers to the marfle is small and the tuber sizes are homogeneous. Marfona tubers are large, round oval in shape. Marfona potato seed dry matter ratio is medium and its cooking quality is hard.

Characteristic Features of the Product
Usage Area
It is a marketable, high-yielding variety suitable for edible
Tuber Meat Color
Light yellow
Tuber Shell Color
Dry Matter Ratio
Tuber Feature
Short oval tubers
Eye Depth
Tuber Size
Very high marketable yield
Plant Feature
Maturity Period
Middle early
Flowering Range
Flower Color
Green Part Density
Quite often
Sensitivity to Diseases
Resistance to Virus Diseases
It is susceptible to Y Virus and to leafroll virus.
Fungal Disease Resistance
It is moderately resistant to dusty scab.
Resistance to Bacterial Diseases
It is medium resistant to Erwinia. It is moderately resistant to scabies.
Dormancy Process

Being a medium early variety, MARFONA potato seed has good potato storage properties.

Planting Recommendations

• Certified potato seeds should be used,

• Potato seeds should not be cut,
• 14-25 cm above rows for seed size 35-45 mm,
• For seed size 45-55 mm, row over 17-18 cm,
• 18-23 cm above row for seed size 55-60 mm,
• Instrument equipment should be disinfected during planting,
• Attention should be paid to mechanical damage,
• Potato seed spraying should be done,
• Alternation should be considered,
• High resistance to drought,